I have over twenty five years experience helping people solve a wide variety of problems. I am proud to include among my clients a number of professional counselors who themselves needed counseling but did not possess the necessary tools to resolve their own issues. In addition, some of them went on to use my approaches, tools and insights in their own practices.

I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial Engineering from the City University of New York. I then went for a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and taught at Brooklyn College where I did experiments in memory and cognition. I conducted research in neurophysiological psychology at the former New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute and lectured at Princeton University on the subject of social persuasion. I have appeared on radio and television and have given talks and seminars to the public as well as to professionals on such topics as personal and social influence, behavior modification and the creative process. In addition, I have authored the following books:

“Inner Mirrors: Reflections on Ourselves and Our Relationships” (© 1995)

“The Speaking, Writing and Reading Program: How to Teach Children to Read and Write Naturally” (© 2009)

“Reflections on Society and Life” An original and lively collection of over 600 aphorisms on social, political, economic, and personal issues. (© 2013)

“The Origin of Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem: How the Evolution of Language Created the Mysteries of Subjective Consciousness, Mind and Self” (© 2016).

“Our Invisible Intelligence: How We Really Think” (© 2017).

These books are available on