Over the years I have worked with many people from a variety of backgrounds. What I have found is that the main reason for most people’s difficulties is their real or perceived lack of control over their lives and influence in their relationships. This often causes stress which can come out in resentment, anger, depression and anxiety. This leads to a loss of happiness and contentment. To be happy and content with ourselves and our relationships we must have a sense of control and influence in our lives.

            My main objective is to help you restore a sense of happiness with yourself and your relationships by enabling you regain influence and control over your life. To accomplish this, I have highly effective tools that help you better understand your issues and problems. Instead of offering meaningless platitudes or paint unrealistic pictures, I focus on your concerns and provide sensible solutions to them.

            The first step is to define the most important issues. The second step is to provide a new way to look at these issues. The last step is to provide realistic and practical solutions that insure the desired results.