There are many types of addictions.  While some involve substance abuse, others are behavioral addictions that result in undesirable actions. Obsessive-compulsive behaviors fit into this category. Addictions often create chaos in our lives and with our relationships, sometimes even destroying them.  This is especially true in the relationship we have with ourselves.  As such, addictions create feelings of powerlessness, stress, anger, depression and anxiety.

All addictions are loops that consist of two parts which reinforce each other. The first part is the thought or feeling that drives the second part which is the action. The thought or feeling drives the action which comes back to again drive the thought or feeling. The problem with some addictions is that the feelings that drive our addictive actions are often buried in our subconscious. This means that we must become more aware of these feelings so as to be able to distinguish them from the actions they promote. One way to do this is by using an internal dialogue. This enables us to separate the two parts of our addiction so as to begin to dissolve it. By understanding how our addictions take hold of us, we can more readily overcome them.